Make Sure To Check Out Crimson Label Denim

Crimson Label Denim produces limited pairs of hand tailored selvedge Denim, worn by workers and popularized by American icons. They age gracefully, but still signify youth. The American Denim Brand is released with an Exclusive Membership Card to mark the Elite. And every pair is available for customization. We pride ourselves in being the most exclusive Denim brand in the world. Heavily inspired by American Racing heritage, designers are influenced by the intricate detail of the interior and exterior of the finest exotic cars and the most rugged American classics.

The Crimson Label line up includes, All American varsity leather jackets, handwoven heirloom knits, classic polos and Hand finished Raw & Selvage denim. The line is sold exclusively through a handfull of selected boutiques, and Online. Premiering at Vinnies Styles (160 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY 718-636-9787) and online at & @TheCrimsonLabel