Munitio Nines Tactical Earphones (Gold Titanium-Coated Finish)

Re-engineered with enhanced acoustics, NINES™ earphones deliver

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unmatched sound purity. Tight, thundering, distortion-free bass. Crystal-clear mids. Smooth highs. Accurate and enveloping sound that is uniquely MUNITIO.

A benchmark in personal audio, each earphone is individually machined from a solid piece of high-density copper alloy and given a titanium-coated finish. The NINES are also outfitted with rare earth neodymium 9mm drivers, enclosed in a Bass Enhancing Chamber™. Complete with noise-isolating Silicone Hollow Points™, Kevlar® reinforced fabric cables, 24k gold-plated plug, and 3 button [M]ic Control for volume control on supporting Apple® devices and single button functionality on supporting Android® devices.
via Munito